Should you buy the LG G7?

With all the current hype of the LG G7, I took a appear at my LG G6 questioning its skill to hold up in 2018. I place it to the take a look at in this movie. Observe me on Instagram: …


3 pensées sur “Should you buy the LG G7?

  • 25 juin 2018 à 12:48

    If someone ask me – yes.
    There is few reasons why:
    1- better chipset, better gpu and better cpu
    2- better screen one of best ips screen out there
    3- 3000mAh battery is better because new chipset, gpu and cpu are optimize to use less energy then older one
    4- on G7 there is Gorilla Glass 5 on screen
    5- much louder speaker one of the best on smartphones for now
    6- front and back camera are better
    7- faster ram memory(and more ram if you buy G7 Plus with 6gb)
    8- 9.0 peppermnt android will soon come out for G7
    9- G7 have more options then G6
    10- bluetooth 5.0

    What is not good?
    1- Noch (maby because someone love noch, me- no)
    2- price, its too high

    Little advice, use PRO mode on your camera, don't use auto, research about photography and how to use PRO mode if you didn't use before, and download google camera is far better then stock camera.
    And wide angle camera dont have autofocus.
    You are good, thumbs up from me!

    (And yea sorry for bad english)


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